Our spacious Robertson & Caine Leopard 47’ sailing catamaran has a capacity of 40 people for day charters. At night it sleeps 10 people - 4 ensuite luxurious cabins. 
The team is highly knowledgeable, skilled, fun and ready to make your sailing dreams come true - single day or overnight.
The Story


We are a group of friends that love the ocean, Nicaragua, sailing,  adventures, tourism, surfing, swimming, and nature. And above all — having a good time. We come from different paths, with varied backgrounds, and many decades of experience in business and having a good time. We wanted to bring something fun to San Juan del Sur, something to add to a flourishing community, in a country rich in values, ideals, transitions, and love of nature. We all enjoy helping to make people’s vacations fun and exciting. We strive to not only bring fun, but also a knowledge and understanding of the natural ocean environment we reside in to all sailing tours. 

The Dream Team



El Presidente

Dan comes to this team as el Presidente, his shiny bald head gives him away every time. He usually has a cut or scrape on it from having too much fun and leading into good times head first. We keep trying to get him to wear a helmet, but he prefers to drive the train with no head protection. Dan’s skills are a longer list than an 8 year old’s Christmas list, so let’s just say he’s overqualified for the position; he led and designed the project from day 1; has gone to battle with all the bureaucracy involved in this corporation; and Salt would have never been without him. His love for fun is like no other. He charges life like we all should, each day is a gift, and tomorrow is an idea…Dan comes from Canada, and prefers to be on the boat than on the bus…You will often find him on the boat, if he has a spare day from the many other hats he wears. You might also find this guy wherever there is music playing, a frisbee being thrown, a challenge, or a festival.


The Dude
Mostly found on the surface… this rare breed leftover from the ancient nomadic wanderers of most likely the nordic, spent many past lives aboard wooden fishing vessels most likely off the coast of of Sweden somewhere. This time, in this skin, this guy finds himself living many lives, from mastery of sandal making to intrinsic entropy to geographic impossibilities to intergalactic revolutions to taking deep breaths and counting to ten in Japanese many times during each day. He likes to start his day with the question “how the hell did i get here”, and end each night with a meditation to whichever deity might be listening. Must be careful with these breeds, if you are playing some jam bands, all of a sudden you will see this guy spinning around like a fish out of water. If there is water he might be in it, if there is fresh snow he’s on it, if there is a river and raft he’s on it, if there is a music festival… well you will see him there. If you have something to say, he’s a listener. He has been in love with the heartbeat of Nicaragua for over a decade. And if he’s in town, he’s on the boat…. mostly wears an illegal smile…